Steve Gadd Band European Tour 2016

Steve Gadd Band European Tour 2016

Hi all, from September 18th, until October 3rd. I had the privilege of driving the  Steve Gadd Band around on their 2016 European part of the “Way Back Home”  tour.

It was fun having Steve on tour, along with Jimmy Johnson, Walt Fowler and Mike Landau.  All was managed by Marijo Suica, with Ive Sesar looking after merch and David Negre on the tech side of the gig.  Great time guys, enjoyed it! Here’s looking forward to the next time 🙂

Steve Grant(
An extremely enthusiastic amateur photographer. I enjoy shooting anything, but I tend towards aviation and people. I am currently enjoying a job where I get to travel a great deal, so always have some kind of camera with me. My product of choice? Well, Canon of course..

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